Tour de Backyard

Maybe you’ve considered getting a couple of hives, or maybe you’re just intrigued by the curious life of an apiary.   Here’s a video of my backyard so that you can see one example of the kind of space necessary to keep bees.  I live in the suburbs, and things are going fine so far with beekeeping in the backyard  – all two months!  I checked in with my next door neighbors before I started.  Chatted with them a little bit about what to expect and why, and they were fine.

You can keep bees in more densely populated urban neighborhoods too.  There is a growing number of rooftop beekeepers, and right on the concrete slab behind a townhouse you can place a hive stand and get started, if you are so inclined.  Be sure to check your HOA bylaws, and city code.  Many municipalities are recognizing the importance of pollinators like bees, and doing what they can to support, or at least allow, beekeeping.  There is also the option of partnering with someone who has space and wouldn’t mind hosting.  There’s plenty of that going on too.

I’m no videographer, but I hope this gives you a sense of what it’s like in my bee yard.

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